io, the project to develop the public services app.

In the second quarter of 2019 the closed beta phase will start with a first group of citizens and central and local authorities. Stay tuned!


medical charges
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of registry
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Agency of Revenue

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All messages from the Public Administration directly to your phone.

View Messages

Receive messages, alerts and communications from all public entities, all within a single app.

You can receive updates via email, within the app or via push notifications to your telephone. For every service, you decide how.

Stay up-to-date on deadlines, adding a reminder directly to your personal calendar.

Make direct payments for services or taxes via the message without leaving the app.

Make all payments to public administration through a digital, secure and easy-to-use tool.

View Payments

Pay public administration through PagoPA.

Associate your credit card and bank account, PayPal or Satispay accounts, using them as often as you wish.

Pay bills received via the post, directly through the app using a QR code.

Always have your transaction history and the related payment receipts at hand.

Avoid paying interest and penalties by always being sure you are only paying what is actually owed.

All the documents you are looking for, always available in your pocket.

View Documents

Documents, receipts, certificates sent directly to your smartphone.

Share the document immediately with the person or office of your choice.

Request certificates and other documents directly from the app.

Preview and advanced search to avoid wasting time to look for a document.

Set your preferences one time only.

View Preferences

Select your language and email once: No need to choose your settings on every single public administration site.

You will choose which messages to receive, and how to receive them.

You will be able to elect your digital address directly from the app to receive registered communications with legal value to a certified email address.

Digital identity and privacy always under your control.

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Log in with SPID for maximum security.

Set a PIN or use your fingerprint to unlock the app after the first sign-in.

Keep control of your personal data in full compliance with GDPR regulations.

Cancel your account and your data at any time.

Revoke access authorization remotely if the phone is stolen or lost.

The services available through IO

IO stems from citizens’ needs. We will work with the operators of each service for integration into the app.
To set priorities, we organized the services on the basis of how many people could actually use them, and how often they impact upon daily lives. The services you see on this site are just a few examples.
Trials at a local or national level have started for a selection of services. The more complex ones will be released in a few months or years. Undoubtedly, some possible services have been overlooked. If you think of another service that seems relevant, please make a suggestion in the appropriate section of the forum.
Public Service Utilization Map

In the columns, you can see the percentage of the population involved, with the different frequency of use shown in the rows.

Less than 30% More than 30% More than 60% More than 90%
  • Road access changes
  • Weather alerts
  • Tuition fees
  • Fines
  • Meetings and report cards
  • Competitions and tenders
  • Tax status
  • Medical certificates
  • Payments for domestic workers
  • Medical receipts
  • Refunds for drug purchases
  • Social security contribution
  • Bonus status
  • Taxes
  • School enrolment
  • School absences
  • Parking permit
  • Asylum status
  • Business activities
  • PA payment history
  • Stamp duty tax deadline
  • Driving licence points
  • Insurance expiration date
  • Medical examination reports
  • Medical expenses
  • Tax collection portfolio
  • Judicial documents
  • Changing residence
  • Parental leave
  • Passport expiration date
  • Car towing
  • Payment preferences
  • Vaccine reminders
  • Real estate status
  • Driving licence expiration date
  • Identity card expiration date
  • Electoral card expiration date
  • Birth certificate
  • Family status
  • Choice of General Practitioner
  • Vehicle service deadline

io is focused on the development of the app that will allow all citizens to use national and local public services from their smartphone in a simple, modern and secure way.

It is an Open Source project set to grow day-by-day, involving different entities and services.
In the second quarter of 2019, the first tests with citizens started - sign up for the newsletter to stay up-to-date.

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In the second quarter of 2019, the first citizens’ testing will start. In the initial phase, we will invite a limited number of people to use the service; hence, it will not yet be possible for everyone to install the application directly from app stores. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date. As the project is open source, if you are a developer you can follow the progress of the project in the repositories of the app and the back end.

This depends on where you live, since local authorities provide many services in Italy. In some areas of the country, we will integrate a number of local services during the process of testing the service. In other areas of the country, only national services will be available in the initial phase.

In the initial stage, we decided to focus on mobile applications, and on the Android and iOS platforms, which are by far the most popular. Some functions will be available on the web at the start in order, to allow privacy and security management, should your smartphone no longer be accessible. In the future, we will integrate almost all other functions for browser use.

IO is a channel of personal and very sensitive information; as such, it is based on the assumption that whoever uses the app is unquestionably a certain individual who has the right to access that data. Furthermore, in some contexts, integration with other services is only possible thanks to SPID. For this reason, having a SPID account will be a necessary condition to use the app. If you don’t already have a SPID account, find out how to get it!

The Digital Administration Code, establishes the “telematic access point”, in particular with regards to Articles 7 and 64-bis. Hence, IO must exist “by law”. Furthermore, the CAD determines that it shall become a citizen’s right from the moment the app is actually available.

We are not sure yet. is the name by which the Digital Transformation Team internally refers to the project. The official name will depend on further analysis and data that will be collected after the initial users’ tests.

IO will identify the citizen thanks via their tax code. Public Administrations will be able to adopt the IO tools by using the tax code as an identifying parameter. Obviously, this tax code should already be available in the databases of the individual institutions, which must use the IO tools in line with their institutional mandate.

Yes, always.

The development of the mobile application and of all the supporting software components is carried out in compliance with the safety guidelines defined in the Three-Year ICT Plan. Moreover, all the software code is open source, developed thanks to the collaboration of many and overseen by the developer community, as it is open to the scrutiny of the entire IT community.

The territories and services that will be used throughout the app testing have not yet been decided. What you can be do now is to subscribe to the newsletter via We will send updates through this channel when the closed-beta tests start.


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